Minnie Dlamini’s Crowning Glory… Her Hair


The Vodacom Durban July took over this past weekend, Minnie Dlamini shares the inspiration behind the hairstyle she rocked at the event.


What inspired the idea behind your hairstyle for the event?

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the Durban July is the over the top fashion and the crazy race day hats. So instead of wearing a hat I’m making a fascinator inspired hairstyle.

Was it hard to choose the final hairstyle?

Not really, I had an idea based on my David Tlale dress and from there the creative juices just flowed.

Did you do a trial for the hairstyle?

No because I wanted to work from the inspiration of my dress and David is still working his magic so I will only see the final dress on race day.

What hair tips can you share with us?

The most important thing is that no matter what your hairstyle of choice is (weave, braids or natural) you always need to keep the quality of your hair in great condition with frequent moisturising and treatments. The Motions products are perfect for my hair because there is no shame in keeping your hair all natural.

Have you experienced an embarrassing hair day?

I had a relaxer go wrong where my scalp was burnt and I had a weave immediately done after that. I was in so much pain I just cried until I took it out. I wasn’t aware that the product was too harsh for my scalp and that you should always let your hair breathe after relaxing it and before putting on a weave. Never weave immediately after relaxing, NEVER!!!

Do you see yourself as a hair trend setter or follower?

Definitely a trend setter and not by choice. I love playing around and trying new things with my hair. I end up hearing people saying that they want the ‘Minnie Dlamini’ hairstyle at salons. It is something that makes me smile and it’s really flattering too.