What all men need to know about their wedding


The groom is often ignored or sidelined when it comes to wedding preparations. All the focus is on the bride and as a result the groom is hardly ever given any advice to prepare him for a day that is equally as important to him. We caught up with Randy Fenoli who is the presenter of the hit TV show, Say Yes to the Dress. He shared these important tips to guide men through their weddings.

1. What factors must the groom consider when buying a wedding ring for his bride?

The look. A bride and groom should ask themselves what type of look they are looking for; classic, flirty, fun, sophisticated, retro, a combination of classic and edgy? Then decide how you can translate these into your wedding ring look. Something simple, classic and timeless has a better chance of being worn easily than something overly trendy.

The budget is the second consideration. A bride and groom need to establish how much they want to spend on the rings, as well as the entire
wedding. Then they must be flexible within the budget, but not with the budget.

2. Share your top 3 tips for choosing a wedding suit and the right attire for the groomsmen.

Like the bride, a groom and his groomsmen should consider choosing a style that is classic and timeless. Fit is the most important things to consider for a man’s suit or tux. It needs to fit like a glove. I personally recommend buying over renting for your wedding. Rental tuxedos will not have the same look, feel, or fit as a crisp new suit or tuxedo tailored just for the groom.

Personal style can be expressed through the tie, pocket square, socks, and boutonnière. Choose something fashionable, elegant, fun, or colorful. Most of all a groom and his groomsmen should always remember that they will be standing next to the bride at the altar and in nearly every photograph, so they should be dressed in a similar style and same level of formality.

3. How can the groom ensure that he chooses the right best man?

Choose a best man who is supportive and understands you and your bride’s style, needs and the wedding you are trying to achieve.

4. What is the biggest mistake most men make on their weddings?

The grooms are venturing out a little more and getting better in picking the perfect suit. I find that men still have a lot to learn and they think that the suit is supposed to be comfortable. It’s not. It’s supposed to fit your body and look sexy.

I tell grooms that if you’re going to be standing next to your bride, you have to look just as hot and sexy as she does because you’re going to be in every photo with her. So you better kick it up a notch. The best advice I can give, without writing the entire chapter from my book, is that the groom should be dressed to the same level of formality as the bride. If she is in formal dress, the groom better not show up in khaki’s and a Hawaiian printed shirt! His suit or tux needs to fit perfectly and his accessories should be in impeccable condition! If a groom is dressed up yet wearing shoes that are scuffed or a belt that is worn, all anyone will focus on is those scuffed shoes or that worn belt!