Meet Nthabeleng Nhlapo: Owner of a hair salon for kids

Nthabeleng Nhlapo

Nthabeleng Nhlapo, founder of Afrokids Salon, chats to us about her child-friendly hair salon. By Fundiswa Nkwanyana

Being a mother to two daughters inspired me to start my business. Taking them to hair salons that strictly catered to adults was frustrating; the environment and stylists were not child-friendly. So, I decided to open a hair salon for children.

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Kids get their hair done in a fun and interactive environment. They get to play with educational toys, watch cartoons and draw on a wall-sized chalkboard. We also slowly ease them into the hairstyling process as some are not yet familiar with it. The equipment is specially designed for them – the chairs are child-sized with safety belts and stylists are trained to provide a comfortable and playful environment while working.

Finding the right stylists was a challenge. I spent months interviewing hairstylists because I was struggling to find those that understood my concept. I was looking for people who adore children, and have the patience to deal with them.

I am looking forward to growing my business. It is based in Rivonia, Johannesburg, and there’s already a huge demand to open branches across the country. I also plan to partner with children’s hair brands.