Meet our new motoring contributor, Vuyi Mpofu


Vuyi Mpofu is the creator of the fabulous show Driving in Heels, which airs on new DStv channel Moja Love. She will be dispensing valuable information on all things motoring to our readers. Feel free to us use#AskVuyi across our social media when asking motoring-related questions.

In case you are wondering what to expect from #BONAMotoring, read Vuyi’s interview with our deputy editor Gugulethu Mhlungu.

Because we are all about helping you be the best you can be, our new motoring columnist (who is also a TV producer, presenter and businesswoman) Vuyi Mpofu will answer all of your questions about cars, and what on earth that flashing light means!

So who is Vuyi, and how did you get into cars?
Vuyi is a tomboy who grew up under a car. My father was a mechanic, so he spent hours tinkering with cars. So, one of the best ways to spend time with him was to help him out. I was essentially i-spanner boy sakhe, passing him the various tools he needed, and I loved it! My interest in cars stayed with me long after I stopped hanging out under a car at home. I grew older, and kept an interest in cars and wanting to learn as much possible about them.

Where did Driving in Heels come from?
After working in the corporate world for a number of years, I decided around 2008/2009 that I needed to turn my passion into a business. By this time, I was my friends’ go-to person for advice on cars, and many women simply weren’t given the information they needed to make informed choices about motoring. I wanted to help. My friends helped me shape this into something useful. The big idea of Driving in Heels is that I want to inform, empower and assist women – a demographic that’s still largely ignore by the market even though young black women are upwardly mobile and buying cars. But, no one will speak to us. Also, mom’s car is nothing like mom’s car 15 years ago, plus what we are talking about has changed.

What’s in store for BONA readers?
Driving in Heels is about three things: information, education and empowerment. I want to share information on how to prevent a hijacking, what to do at a police station, your rights at a roadblock and paying your traffic fines. In terms of workshops, we are going to open up the bonnet and get really familiar with what’s inside your car, and hold tyre safety events. These are very important, and could save your life. All of these things will empower you and make you feel safer and more confident. You will also have fun while doing so. Most importantly, I want to make it as useful and simple as possible.
I am really excited to chat to and meet you all.

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