Meet Lebo Madiba of strategic communications company PR Powerhouse

Lebo Madiba

Lebo Madiba chats to us about the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur in the public relations sector.
By Fundiswa Nkwanyana

I started my own company because I wanted to own my work. After working in the communications and public relations sector for over 10 years, I felt that I wasn’t getting recognition for my success in spite of the amazing work I was doing. I also wanted to create a legacy for myself.

In August 2011, I started my strategic communication company, PR Powerhouse. Since I’d been working as an executive director for a globally aligned communications agency, I took some lessons with me. These include how to adapt and elevate my company to international standards and position it competitively. This became part of my business strategy. It also helped that I had good working relations with many people in the industry, which helped me to find my feet.

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Starting and running a company comes with many challenges. My business grew too quickly and I didn’t have the right resources in place. Over the years, I have worked hard to ensure that I have everything I need to deliver an impeccable service. The public relations sector is very competitive because once you have gained the business, you have to work extra hard to keep the clients.

Despite the challenges I face, I’m glad that I decided to start my own company. I believe that I’ve been able to grow because I surrounded myself with people who understand my vision. It’s also important to be adaptable to the changes in the industry and adjust accordingly. Though it’s not easy, it is worth it.