Mary J. Blige shares her self-care routine

Mary J. Blige shares her self-care routine

Award-winning musician Mary J. Blige is sharing her self-care routine. The star who is on the cover of health magazine, Self, is revealing how she takes care of herself.

In the video, Mary shared that her routine starts by making sure that she’s doing well on the inside. She said in part: “My self-care routine, it always starts from the inside. I have to build myself up inside, spirituality. So, I start my day with prayer. The first fruits of my day got to God, go to prayer.”

She also shared that her health and diet also form part of her routine. She said in part: “Get myself dressed and then I go to the gym. I drink a protein shake, I drink a lot of water. I try to drink at least drink half a gallon of water at the gym. Through the day I try to eat as healthy as possible; salads, fish. And of course, I get facials as well.”

She added: “I think water and prayer are the most important things. Prayer keeps you conscious of what your identity really is. Your identity is not really all the stuff you put on. Your identity is being able to see through it and being confident. And be confident and use it as a cherry on top as a perk.”

Mary J. Blige shares her self-care routine. Here’s a look at the full clip.