Man Oh Man


Male grooming is just as important as a woman’s beauty routine. There is an interest in male grooming and it is growing rapidly. First impressions always last, so be the best man you can be by being well groomed from head to toe.

Scent from above


A man’s scent tells a story, so let yours be memorable by choosing a perfume with strong ingredients that are known to be warm. A great perfume for men with have a woody finish and spicy notes.  Uomo by Ermenegildo Zegna, R550 30ml available from Red Square.

Head gear


Your hair is one of the first things people notice, so keep your hair tidy and neat whether it’s long or short. There is more to a man’s head than just a good wash and style. Nourish your hair no matter what the length by conditioning it at least once a week to help keep it moisturised. Babor hair & body shampoo, R338 from leading salons.

Best smile


We all reach for coffee and all things warm during the winter season. They may be great for our body warmth, but some drinks and food stain our teeth. Keep your smile white no matter what the season by brushing your teeth twice a day to keep your mouth clean and clear from food stains. 2-in-1 Whitening Toothpaste with Mouthwash, R45.95, from Clicks.

Bye-bye bumps

Razor bumps, also known as ingrown hairs are caused by shaving and leave your face with dry sores and patches. Help reduce the appearance of razor bumps by using shaving cream to shave and an after care product that is designed to target that specific area. Bump Patrol, R59.99, from leading retailers.

Squeaky clean

Cleaning your face is part of your basic care routine and if done right, washing your face will help keep the natural oils in and help prevent it drying out. Avoid using hot water to wash your face as this will strip your skin of its natural oils and cause it to dry up. Find a face wash that will best suit your skin type.  Clicks men face wash Q10, R34.95, available at Clicks.