Man Crush Monday – Zulu Boy


We love that Zulu Boy acts as well as he raps. We chatted to him for a few minutes about his new TV gig, Gold Diggers, a new series which will premiere on


How exactly did this gig come about? Please explain the process.

I was approached by the director of the drama series to do a screen test. After the prompt audition, I got the job and started working on it immediately.

Tell us about the character you will play, who exactly is he?

He is a young man from KwaZulu-Natal who has come to Joburg as a migrant worker, working in the mines. He leaves his family back home to come get a job and make money. Big Boy (his character name) is influenced by the Joburg lifestyle and has to tackle issues affecting him in the big city.


Can you relate in any way to your character?

Yes! I, too, had to leave my home in KwaZulu-Natal to pursue a career in the music industry. I followed my dreams and had to make a living off it financially.

Many people leave their homes to work in the city. What would your advice to them be, especially when faced with negative influences?

Never forget where you come from. Be sure of yourself and know your roots. Don’t forget the lessons of your parents and elderly back home. Stick to what you know and in the process of learning from the city, use what you learnt back home.


Why should people watch Gold Diggers?

This is a show like no other, which tells the true tale; it’s one that has never been seen before. Our local audience also needs to watch it in support of the film industry in South Africa and be the first to witness the manifested growth in TV production.