Man Crush Monday – Loyiso MacDonald


Ladies, get to know this week’s hunk…actor and comedian Loyiso Macdonald.

We came to love him as Ntando on Isidingo, but now can’t help but fall for his bad boy boldness as Ray on Zabalaza. We chat to our man crush about his career and personal life.

Loyiso MacDonald

You got your start in theatre, but over the past years have been known as one of television’s best actors. How has this transition been for you?

It is honestly a big change. It requires different skills to do both.

Should we expect more from you on screen?

Yes, most definitely. Fans should expect more from my character Ray on Zabalaza; his storyline is about to get really interesting. I have also been shooting Those Who Can’t Season 2. Besides that, there is a lot more I want to do, and that people should expect from me.

Having played so many different roles, how do you make sure you nail each character and stick to the person you play?

The rule is to try and play as far away as possible from your own personality. Of course, there are a few things I will have in common with my character, but I tap into what sets me and the character apart. I feel lucky to have played all characters I have played so far because it has allowed me to be someone completely different.

How do you then balance your social life and work?

It isn’t too difficult. In most cases, the crew is there longer than we (the actors) are. On most days I am working long hours, but I still get days where I am home early. I use that time to relax and make the most of my free time. I spend a lot of my time with my wife going out to eat or to the movies.

Loyiso MacDonald

The acting industry requires one to stay fit and fab. How do you make sure you keep up?

I do not really have a strict diet; I eat about anything but try to stay active by playing a lot of sports, taking walks, cycling and going to the gym.

What would you say are your three most favourite things?

I will always put my wife first. Second, would be stories; I love hearing stories or telling stories and believe this is how I got into the industry. Last would be my brand new car.

What advice do you have for other young couples who may aspire to be like you and your wife?

Just go back to the basics and remember why you love each other. Things won’t always be good, but it is important to remember what brought you together.

Any advice you have for anyone who wishes to get into the industry?

The first thing you should do is get information about the career before you get into it, involve yourself in your community’s drama club, or find out which programmes are available for you to learn more about the craft. Not everyone has the opportunity to study acting in college or university, but there are options; and if you are serious about acting you will make it.

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