Lucky legs this spring


If you are one of the thousands of women who suffer from legs that aren’t as smooth as you’d like them to be, you might still be left wondering which product will best suit your needs and what alternatives are available.

If you’re planning to hit the pool this spring, a little black dress and some heels are likely to be on your agenda, which means that getting smooth and silky legs is top of your ‘to do’ list.

Razor rash, bumps and cuts are some of the nightmares women face in effectively removing unwanted hair. But coming to the rescue is Philips with the best shaving solution and some lucky leg tips to help you focus your attention where it really matters.

Epilator benefits: 

Epilation has not been the most attractive product option in the past due to a fear of discomfort. However, Philips Epilators have incorporated mechanisms to make epilation a pleasant experience like massaging heads and gentle tweezing discs.

Some of the benefits include:

  • No messy waxes or smelly hair removal products needed, and the epilator achieves the same outcome.
  • No need to grow your leg hair long. The epilator functions as effectively with short hair.
  • The hair is pulled out from the root leaving legs smooth and silky for weeks before hair grows back.
  • No skin pulling occurs like with waxing, as an epilator glides along the surface of your skin.
  • No more nicks and cuts or shaver rash from shaving with disposable razors, just smooth results.

The Philips Satinelle Advanced Wet & Dry epilator (BRE632/00) for legs, body and the face is Philips’ fastest ever epilator which has unique ceramic discs that rotate at a greater speed than ever before. It firmly grips fine and short hairs, allowing you to enjoy weeks of satin smooth skin. It’s perfect for use on sensitive areas like the face, underarms and bikini area, and allows hair to grow back slowly and finely.

Price is key and the most important factor. This is another advantage of epilating. It’s cheaper than professional waxing in the long run. Although an epilator might cost a bit more up front, once you buy it you won’t be paying anything more for a couple of years.

Happy silky, smooth legs this spring!