Lootlove’s hair secrets


The TV presenter tells us how she takes care of her natural hair.

TV presenter Luthando Shosha, affectionately known as Lootlove, tells us how she takes care of her gorgeous natural hair.

1. What does your hair say about you?

It’s my crown. I love the fact that I can do a lot with it, and also how simply changing my hairstyle makes me feel like a new person!

 2. What is your best and worst childhood memory about your hair?

My best memory is of my hair being long. This is because I was obsessed with long hair growing up. My worst memory was when my mother made me cut it short. I was in Grade 5, and devastated.

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 3. What is your favourite hairstyle and why?

I love braids and the new cornrows styles such as the two-line plaits. I also love everything I see on rapper and actress Maya Christinah Xichavo, better known as Sho Madjozi.

 4. Which famous icon’s hair do you love?

Singers Diana Ross and Grace Jones. This is because I love a big, curly Afro. Right now, I’m obsessed with my short and natural hair, so Grace Jones’s hair is a perfect 10!

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 5. What is your take on the natural hair movement?

It’s about time! I’m happy that everyone is getting to a place of loving what’s naturally theirs more than what they can buy.

 6. What is your hair routine?

I cut my hair every week, wash it twice a week and moisturise it every second day.

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 7. What hair product can you not live without?

Any moisturiser.

 8. What have you learnt about hair that you wish you knew before?

That moisturising your hair is important. Mine is dry, and I didn’t know that keeping it moisturised would help with this problem and also prevent breakage.

 9. Any hair tips to share?

Learn as much as you can about your hair, and make sure that you take care of it.

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