Life is going to take you places – move safely through the stages

move safely through the stages

Life is a continuous progression through all sorts of phases, each with its own blessings and challenges. We grow and mature and our needs change as we move through various stages of our life. So, it’s only normal that our vehicle requirements may change too in this time, along with the tracking solutions that accompany them. By MiX Telematics

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Let’s look at the life stages – which one do you fall into and what is a specific safety requirement?

1. The – not ready to adult yet – but do have my own car – Stage. You have just left school and are probably about to go to varsity. You are still living at home, but that’s ok, because with your new rust-bucket, you don’t need to rely on your parents to get from A to B anymore. You haven’t got too much responsibility yet, aside from passing the term and making sure you get your ‘new’ car home in one piece.

Your mom’s probably going to be worried about you 24/7 and there is really only one way to put her mind at ease – let her access your location via advanced vehicle tracking. She’s not spying – she just feels better knowing that, if she needs to, she can locate you at all times and considering how much she’s done for you, giving her that information shouldn’t be too hard. Plus, if it’s the right tracking device, it can even assist you with fines and send you alerts if you have any new ones that need to be settled.

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2. The – I am an adult now and got my first real job – Stage. So, you got your first real job, and are probably paying your own rent now. You might have been lucky enough to purchase a slightly better car – maybe a new flashy hatchback? You are working hard for your money every month and you have got a tracking device installed not only for safety, but also to lower your insurance premiums. Stats show that in South Africa 42, 000 vehicles are stolen annually – so that tracking device is helping you sleep better at night knowing that if your car is stolen, it can be located and retrieved in mere hours.

3. The – Things are getting serious-we are getting married – Stage. If you have met the right person along the way, you probably got married and perhaps even started a family of your own? All of a sudden not only did you need to get a bigger car, but now you have more people to worry about. Again, your needs have changed and it’s not just about GPS tracking anymore. Now you want to know that with one touch of a button, your family (if they ever needed too) could receive emergency roadside and medical assistance, including ground response who would be dispatched to their exact location in an emergency situation.

Even when your family grows, the right tracking provider should be able to tell where your family is at all times. Have they been picked up from school? Have they got home safely from gym? Geo-fence zones that you select for your family, with corresponding alerts, can track and manage the safety of your vehicle and your loved ones.

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4. The – Kids have flown the Nest – Stage. Now that the kids have left you in peace (or in pieces), it’s time to treat yourself and your partner to an adventure. No matter how long the road trip takes, you want to take time to unwind, relax and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. You have paid off almost all of your expenses so you have treated yourself to a luxury classic car.

It’s time to enjoy the journey, all the while knowing that if you need it – you have road side assistance to help you out with anything that could go wrong, like a flat battery or tyre, fuel assistance, repairs and a tow in service in the event of mechanical or electrical breakdown. But more than this, you also want to know that you have a panic alert, and reliable vehicle tracking should your vehicle be stolen, or worse, you’re in it.

Whether you are just starting out in life or about to retire, vehicle tracking is a life-long companion and will be with you through all the stages of your life, giving you the kind of security and personal safety that will keep your mind at ease and keep your family safe.