Learn how to take time to recharge


We live in a world where we are constantly encouraged and persuaded to do and be something great. We are surrounded by powerful images of people who are older or younger than us or as just as talented, beautiful or smart who are doing amazing things.   And rebooting is necessary in the fast – paced life we live in.

BONA’s motivation guru Pastor George gives us advice on how to recharge:


It’s crucial to your success that you embark on deliberate stops.  This means physically stopping the regular daily activities in your life – the hustle and bustle, in some cases, the “madness” – in order to think, recharge and reconnect with your authentic self. If you never stop long enough to rest, your “batteries” will eventually burn out. It’s been proven that too little sleep literally cuts your life short, hinders your ability to burn fat and also reduces the flow of creative ideas.

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When you are tired, you tend to have less endurance and tenacity.  A wise man once said “fatigue makes a coward of all of us”. This means challenges that normally would not faze you will suddenly look larger than life when you are tired. The result is that you are prone to making the worst decisions because you are processing information slower and cannot see the finer detail. You are at your worst behaviour and most difficult to get along with when you are exhausted. Your temper and tolerance levels are also much lower.

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If you don’t take steps to achieve success, you’ll become stagnant. You must schedule some stops along the way and don’t allow your life to be driven by urgency. Rather, learn to continually focus on what is important. Take the time to rest, it’s not only good for the body, but a requirement for your soul.