Know your make-up brushes


Know your make-up brushes and stay on top of your game with flawless application.

By: Belenda Ntshudisane

Pictures: Andile Mthembu

1. Contouring brush

This consists of two sides – one for contouring (using darker make-up to create an illusion of shadows), and the other for highlighting (using lighter shimmery make-up to create shine). Black Up Contouring and Highlighting Brush, R890


2. Stippling brush

In light circular motions, use this to lightly apply and blend your foundation so that it doesn’t cake. Bodyography Stipppling Brush, R305


3. Concealer brush

This helps your concealer to cover up dark marks perfectly. Apply the concealer after the foundation, and use the brush to blend well. African Essentials Concealer Brush, R650 for a set of 10 brushes.


4. Liner brush

The silicone tip ensures precise application of a gel or lip liner. It’s great for the winged eyeliner, and to line lips before applying lipstick. Real Techniques Silicone Liner Brush, R119.95


5. Blush brush

With bristles that slightly incline from the sides to the middle, the shape of this brush makes it easy to apply your blush. Bold Metals Tapered Blush Brush, R399.95


6. Foundation brush

This has a slightly tapered edge to reach the corners when applying foundation, resulting in a flawless finish. Barbara Hoffman Foundation Brush, R89


7. Powder brush

Characterised by large and even bristles, this brush provides consistent and even application with feather-light strokes. Palladio Powder Brush, R50


8. Lip brush

This brush is perfect to apply lipstick, especially when it is no longer flat and pointy. MAC Lip Brush, R265


9. Kabuki brush

This is designed to place and distribute powder on your face evenly, to give you a natural matte finish. Bourjois Kabuki Brush, R114.95


10. Shading brush

This helps you apply and blend your eye shadow seamlessly. Real Techniques Shading Brush, R99.95


<Side bar> Cleaning and storage

  • Clean your tools at least once a week, because your face and eye areas are sensitive. The accumulation of bacteria may cause a reaction on your skin.
  • Use lukewarm water with a mild soap or baby shampoo to gently remove residue, then rinse and air-dry on a flat surface.
  • Never store your brushes with bristles facing down or squashed, as this deforms their shape. Store them facing upward or flat with nothing on the bristles.