Keeping Fit With Stacey Holland And Sweat 1000


Yesterday we were invited to an hour of fitness class and to launch new workout CD, Ultimate workout hits volume 2, at popular gym Sweat 1000.

We caught up with Sweat 1000 ambassador Stacey Holland who was more than willing to help us out and tell us more about Sweat 1000 and all things fitness.


What is Sweat 1000 to you?

Sweat 1000 is a place I go to, to have fun while getting fit.

What is the difference between a normal gym and Sweat 1000?

Sweat 1000 is a high intensity functional and interval workout. It is an intimate space, which means you will have an instructor monitoring your workout and making sure you don’t injure yourself. You also get personal interaction with the instructor. The classes are never the same, making it enjoyable because your work out is unpredictable.


Would you advise someone who’s never been to gym to try working out?

I would advise anyone to work out; it doesn’t have to be restricted to walls. We all have different tastes in what works for us and what we enjoy. The key for those who join a gym is to tell the instructor that you are a newbie and they will pace you and make sure you don’t injure a muscle or two.

Ladies fear weightlifting because they don’t want to bulge out like men. What advice would you give them?

You need to lift weights!!! Women don’t have as much testosterone as men so we will never develop those kind of muscles. When you lift weights you build lean muscles and that burns fat in your body. So balance your workout between cardio (cycling, running) and weightlifting.

What’s a healthy day for Stacey?

Being healthy has become a lifestyle for me so every day is a healthy day. With a good, positive mindset you can achieve that Beyoncé body we all dream of. I eat healthy throughout the week and have one ‘treat day’ a week. I work hard so I don’t feel guilty when I eat all the forbidden foods on this day.


The Bona Team At Sweat 1000

Features editor, Phila Tyekana and online editor, Amanda Ndlangisa pumping it while listening to the Ultimate workout hits volume 2 album


Beauty and health writer, Keletso Modisakeng


No matter how rough things get, we always have time for a selfie… with actress, Masasa Mbangeni



ULTIMATE WORKOUT HITS VOLUME 2 – Brought to you by S.W.E.A.T 1000 and Biogen.


Compiled with the expertise of fitness DJ Andrew Baptiste, the album has been specifically designed to elevate the experience. Songs have been carefully chosen by BPM (beats per minute), enjoyment and “hook” factor (commerciality of the track), song length (too short and your experience won’t reach it’s max, too long and you begin to fatigue) and overall quality. The album is a double CD with over 50 tracks including Rather Be, Counting Stars, Waves, Love Me Again, Addicted To You, Roar, Summertime Sadness and more! Each disc provides one full hour workout so you can take your gym workout home if you’re not at S.W.E.A.T. The album includes one free S.W.E.A.T 1000 workout voucher, as well as a discount voucher from Biogen.

Get yours for R129.99 at Musica and on iTunes.

More info about Sweat 1000 here