Keeping a long-distance relationship alive

Beautiful biracial woman using digital tablet outdoors, talking to a loved one

Long-distance marriages can be hard to navigate, but physical space doesn’t mean less passion. With a bit of imagination and effort, your love can grow no matter how far apart you are.

By Zukiswa Dlamini

There are many circumstances that can lead to long-distance marriages, and it doesn’t always have to mark the end of the relationship.

Relationship counsellor Irene Jones says living apart can give your marriage new life. “The most common passion killer is familiarity, and living in close proximity contributes to that,” she says.

Here’s how to maintain the spark in your long-distance relationship:

1. Sexting. Yes, even the older crowd is doing it now. Getting sexy text messages can add zing to your day. Say the things you know will turn your lover on and get turned on too!

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2. Videoing. Now you can be the sexy main character in your own movies. Just make sure you only share sexy videos with someone you trust.

3. Sex toys. Not only can they help take the edge off when you’re lonely, but you can use them while having phone or video sex. Watching each other masturbate is a great way to stimulate while apart

4. Be confident. Instead of feeling insecure about your partner being away, master self confidence which will have a positive impact on your marriage. Long distance can allow you the chance to rediscover yourselves as individuals .

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5. Keep an open mind. How intimate your marriage will be while you’re apart will be determined by the same energy you use when you’re together. Closeness, communication, attraction, the ability to laugh and an open mind are important when it comes to having great sex. Be open to doing things in a new way.