How to keep your sex life sizzling


According to American urologist Dr Harry Fisch, couples usually have sex at least once a day when they are first together, but the numbers drop over time. On average couples have sex every one to three days in their 20s and this drops to about twice a week for those between 30 and 50. Sexologist Arlynn Revell shares some steamy hot tips on how to improve your sex life.

By Zama Nkosi

1. Set the scene. Turn off your phone and the TV, light some candles and put on sexy music.

2. Sexy lingerie. No matter what size you are, it will help you heat things up. Find flattering underwear or a sexy outfit that will make sure your partner knows what you have in mind.

3. Use your words. You might be too shy to explicitly says what you want. Why not send him a naughty text message telling him what you want him to do when he gets home? And in bed use the oohs and aahs to encourage your man.

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4. Keep an open mind. Just because you’ve never done it before it doesn’t mean it won’t be fun and exciting. Try new experiences like having sex everywhere besides your bedroom, send him an X-rated picture of yourself (only if you trust him). You have many options.

4. Toys. Yes, sex toys aren’t a bad idea. There are many on the market you can try. If you’re intimidated, you can start with a basic vibrator for stimulation. Include your partner in the shopping process so that arousal starts before you even get home.

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5. A wild girl’s guide. If you’re already doing every move that would make others blush. Instead of being wild every single time, add a bit of romance for the extra spark you need.

6. Non – sexual touch. Make an effort to cuddle and touch your partner in a non-sexual manner. Hugs, kisses and just being sweet and considerate to each other helps you bond outside of sex.