It’s graduation day for Maumela Mahuwa’s film school

It's graduation day for Maumela Mahuwa's film school

Maumela Mahuwa African Academy of Cinematic Arts film school’s first class is set to graduate. This comes two years after the star announced the launch of the school. The graduation ceremony will see the students showcase their very own films to their friends & family, government officials, celebrities, film and television heavyweights.

Image: Maumela Mahuwa

In a statement from the school, Maumela shared “I love acting and filmmaking. As an actress on a poplar soapie Muvhango, I would always get asked by youngsters how I got into acting. Even though I loved sharing my story, I just always thought it was not enough. I wanted to contribute more than just my story. A film school was a natural choice. Now I share skills and techniques I have learnt throughout the years in a formal setting. It is super amazing.”

The African Academy of Cinematic Arts graduation ceremony will take place on 5 April at Numetro VIP Cinema Hyde Park.

It’s graduation day for Maumela Mahuwa’s film school. Congratulations!