Is being single in your genes?


Are you struggling to find love? It could be that it’s in your genes

Some people always seem to be single or going through a break – up. While some may say they prefer to be alone, the truth could be that it’s in your genes.

By Zukiswa Dlamini

According to a study in Beijing people with G version of 5-HT1A gene are 20% more likely to be single than people with the C version. People  with G version create less serotonin, a brain chemical that affects mood and happiness. They also find it difficult to get close to others.

If you suspect you have the single gene and want to change your relationship status, here’s how.

1. Go out. Your Mr Right isn’t likely to walk into your house, so if you are always at home, it limits your chances of meeting new people.

2. Try new things. Maybe online dating isn’t the first thing that comes to your mind, but you never know where you will find love. If internet dating is too much, maybe change where you hang out.

3. Let go of having a specific type. If you’re only looking for one type of man, you decrease your chances. No one is saying you have to downgrade, remember that great people come in all shapes and sizes.

4. Have fun. Nothing in the world is more attractive than someone who is living their life and having fun. Go out and live – you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the things that are out there to keep you smiling.

5. Be your own Miss Right. Finding a great partner is amazing, but being your own best partner is even better. This way you aren’t completely dependent on another person.