Hulisani Ravele’s balancing act


Former child star Hulisani Ravele chats to us about being a multifaceted entertainer and her future plans.

By: Fundiswa Nkwanyana

1. I have been in the entertainment industry for 20 years. When I was nine, my mother signed me up with a casting agency that enrolled me on a six-week training course. After completing the course, I got cast as Sabrina in a kiddies show titled Pula and Friends; it was very popular at the time. I later moved to YoTV as a presenter. Since then, I have not looked back, and my career continues to be an amazing journey.

2. Over the years, I have learnt to balance my career and studies. I completed my Bachelor of arts honours degree in motion picture medium from the South African School of Motion Picture (AFDA) while working as a voice-over artist, MC and TV presenter. The trick is to adhere to a strict schedule while putting some time aside for relaxation. I even allow myself a pity party when it gets tough because balancing the two is tricky.

3. I’m excited about my latest career moves. I recently joined Capricorn FM, which was a lifelong dream that I worked hard to achieve. I am excited to see where this path will take me. I also want to start developing and producing my own films under my company

– Tshimbiluni Productions.

4. While working hard to make my mark in the entertainment industry, I plan on travelling more. I’ve enjoyed travelling for business and pleasure, and my most memorable trips were to Kenya, Zanzibar and Mauritius. Spending my 29th birthday in Thailand was amazing, so I definitely plan to travel more.