How to style natural hair

natural hair

The natural hair revolution is back and is here to stay! After conditioning and keeping your hair intact, here are 4 easy and trendy hairstyles to try in the comfort of your own home.

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1. Add Volume. Bulking up your own hair with extensions works wonders. They have great volume and don’t mess with your hairline. The volume gives your face a beautiful shape – just choose the parting correctly.

2. Play with the texture. Texture and length play a big role with this hairstyle. If you don’t want to plait your hair, comb it all the way to the up and pin it inside at the top to get the same shape.

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3. The cheeky bun. The bun is one trend that fits in everywhere. Be it the office or cocktail party, you can still look elegant. Shake things up with the chunky bun as it gives your hairstyle a natural feel.

4. The grey trend. Colour is not for everyone, but the grey trend is turning heads. Do it the old school way with your ponytails. Depending on your length, you can have two or three of them.