How to rock blue lipstick like a pro


Blue lipstick is the trendiest lip colour out there right now.

Blue lipstick is the trendiest lip colour out there right now. However it intimidates a lot of people. Most of us are afraid that it’ll be over the top on us and of course we’ve all seen those disastrous incidents where the lipstick looks faded, grey and dry. Here are tips on how to rock this look like a star.

  1. Choose your shade wisely according to your skin tone. You don’t want it to be too dramatic so that it ends up taking away attention from all your other features. It mustn’t be overpowering. In the same vein, don’t choose something too light for your skin tone. You don’t want it to disappear or appear greyish.
  2. Moisturise your lips lightly first with Vaseline or lip balm. A must for any lipstick application.
  3. Use a darker shade of blue/navy or even purple to line your lips first. The liner will shape the lips properly and ensure that your colour is more defined.
  4. Now apply your lipstick. After the first application, blot it with a tissue and then apply it again.
  5. Make sure that you keep an eye on your lips throughout the day or at least invest in lipstick that long lasting. There’s nothing worse than blue lipstick that’s wearing off or flaking. Make sure you keep it properly applied at all times.
  6. Last but not least; confidence is key! If you’re self-conscious about the look it will be very evident.

Here are a few celebs who really know how to wear blue lipstick well.

We’re calling it the #MeshKanata. Ha. Hair by @vernonfrancois, make-up by @dilokritbarose

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The Butterfly Effect 🦋💙

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