How to identify your skin type and take care of it

how to identify your skin type and take care of it

Your skin is your body’s largest organ and the first thing people notice when speaking to you. It makes sense to give it the best care, right?

The first step to giving your skin the TLC it deserves it to understand the type of skin you have so you know which products to buy.

Here are three common skin issues:

For dry, dehydrated skin

Many people only experience dry skin during seasonal changes like cold weather temperatures or when exposed to heat i.e. fireplaces reduce humidity in the air, resulting in dry skin. Allure states that your skin can be dehydrated but still look oily – dehydrated skin means you lack water in your body, not oil on your skin. So, even though it may look oily, your skin can be very dry. Symptoms of dry skin include itching, feeling taut especially after a bath or shower, ashy and grey skin as well as cracks that may bleed. If you have dry skin, use moisturising, non-greasy products that will nourish your skin, hydrate the body by drinking water and washing with warm instead of hot water.

We recommend: Dawn Shea Butter and Almond Oil Body Lotion which contains 100% natural moisturisers for 48 hours of moisturisation and is specifically designed to revive very dry skin.

Sensitive Skin  

Sensitive skin is more susceptible to breakouts, rashes and irritation – it’s advisable that you test a new product on a small area before committing to it. Having this skin type isn’t medically serious but can be a burden when purchasing skin care products. It’s also important to note that “unscented” does not necessarily mean fragrance-free so always choose products that say “fragrance-free” on the label. Pay attention to the way your skin reacts to certain temperatures. If hot weather causes your skin to breakout or cold conditions result in dry, flaky skin, then you may have sensitive skin. Look for products which contain natural ingredients to lower the risk of a breakout.

We recommend: Dawn Chamomile and Moringa Oil Body Cream to soothe and hydrate sensitive skin.

Rough skin

Ladies, the last thing you need after shaving your legs is for it to feel rough. Or worse, experiencing stress can make your skin breakout and feel rough. According to Dermstore, factors like pollution, sun damage and stress can overtime chip away at your complexion – making your skin more vulnerable to roughness, age spots and sagging. Also, failing to exfoliate with a scrub or a body glove will mean that you have dead skin cells all over your body, causing a rough texture to the skin. For smoother skin, keep your body hydrated by drinking at least eight glasses of water a day, enjoy a balanced diet with more fruits and veggies, stay away from junk and oily foods and ensure you’re getting enough hours of beauty rest.

We recommend: Dawn Rich Lanolin and Rose Water Body Lotion which nurtures soft, smooth skin.

No matter your skin type, Dawn has a product for you. Choose from our wide selection of body lotions and creams and feel confident with radiant skin.