How To Get Your Groove Back After A Baby


Having a baby can be the most beautiful thing in the world, but it can also take a toll on you emotionally, physically and financially.


Even though it’s been seven years since I had my child, every now and then I still go through my post-baby depression. What’s helped me deal with all the challenges of motherhood is focusing on these three things; it definitely helped me get my groove back.

Your body

Before I fell pregnant, I had gorgeous boobs – people would stop to ask if they were real. When I fell pregnant, they became even more beautiful, until I gave birth and everything went downhill, literally. My boobs shrunk and sagged. It devastating because I loved my cleavage. What I’ve realised it that your body will change. You can, however, get your original body back by exercising. You don’t need to spend lots of money at the gym; there won’t even be time to go there because of your new baby. Start by doing simple exercises at home. It took nine months for your body to change, it won’t go back to normal in a few weeks after birth.


I was young when I had my child, at only 19 years, you can imagine the stress. I gave birth on a Monday and had to go back to school the following week for a school exam. I only had one week to heal and bond with my child, and to grasp what was happening. I still have those moments when things don’t make sense. As mother, we tend to put our babies above ourselves. That’s good but we shouldn’t do it at the expense of our own health. We’re allowed to take time out – that’s what friends and families are for. Give yourself a break!


Every time you go into a clothing store, you will go straight to the kiddies department. Sometimes your child won’t even need anything but you just want to buy something for them. Try to stay away from shops because it will hurt your finances. You’re already buying necessities which cost a fortune, sometimes a kid doesn’t need nice-to-haves. I would also advise getting hand-me-downs from your family members who’ve already had children. Your child will grow every week, and it’s hard to keep up. Rather save money for your child’s education, or even a pair of nice shoes you’ve been eyeing for a while.

PS, I’m not a professional advisor. This is what has worked for me and hopefully gives you a peace of mind.