How to care for your skin while you work out

How to care for your skin while you work out

We don’t have to tell you about the endless benefits of working out, but while exercise does your body a world of good, the sweat, dust, wind, chlorine and sun can wreak havoc on your skin.

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Make sure your work out is all about the goodness by finding out how to care for your skin when you work out…

1. Drink loads of water. We know you’ve been told about the beauty benefits of drinking water time and time again, and this couldn’t be more important than when working out – before, during and after. This will stop your skin (and you!) from dehydrating – keeping it elastic, vibrant and illuminated.


2. Go make-up free. Wearing make-up while you work out is a big no-no. While exercising, your pores expand and open up, and the make-up, together with the sweat, will clog your pores causing breakouts… and unlike the Kardashians, not all of us have teams of experts to get rid of and cover those up!

3. Wear sunblock. If you’re working out in the great outdoors, this is an absolute non-negotiable. We all know how harmful and damaging the sun’s rays can be for our skin, and spending time outside on your daily run, walk or cycle can be causing all sorts of skin problems. Wear a cap while you work out – your skin will thank you.

4. Get home and get washing. In order to prevent clogged pores, breakouts and even pesky rashes, you need to wash your skin as soon after working out as possible. Invest in a good skin-care range – an anti-bacterial one is great for skin prone to breakouts – and use this to wash, tone and moisturise your skin.

You’ll also need to include an exfoliator in your routine to properly get dirt and sweat out of those pores. To prevent break outs on the rest of your body, make sure you hop in the shower for a rinse as soon as possible after working out.

5. Make sure your gym towel is clean. Wiping the sweat away throughout your work out is a good way to prevent the clogging of your pores, but you need to do this with a clean gym towel or sweat band (not your dirty hands!) to ensure you aren’t actually just wiping dirt and grime straight in there, which is a sure way to guarantee a break out!

6. Go easy on the make-up. You’ve just given your skin a great detox, and provided you’ve washed away the sweat and dirt, you should have a great post-gym glow. Your pores may still be rather dilated, so go easy on the make-up, and allow the benefit of working out to shine through for you.

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