How to care for knitwear

How to care for knitwear

No matter what your style, you can’t get through colder weather without knitwear. It’s easy to care for knitwear once you know the basics. We’ve rounded up what you need to know when it comes to ensuring your knits are in good condition. Follow these tips to care for your knitwear and make sure it lasts as long as possible.

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1. Wash your knits well. Knits tend to respond well to washing. Always follow the instructions on the labels to ensure you’re caring for your clothing correctly. This is especially true for richer knits such as pure wool, angora, mohair and cashmere. Fabric softener is a must to keep knitted fabrics soft, fluffy and smelling good. You don’t generally need to iron knitwear but if there are wrinkles that don’t budge, use a cool iron.

The number one thing to remember when washing knits is never hung them to dry – this stretches jerseys and means they will lose their shape.

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2. Get rid of bobbles. Bobbles on knitted fabrics can make your garments look old and tatty. Bobbling occurs through washing or when the fabric rubs against itself. Use a lint remover or razor to remove unsightly bobbles. This will also keep the fabric soft and supple.

3. Care for knitwear by folding properly. Knitwear can become stretched and shapeless if it isn’t stored correctly. You should fold sweaters and scarves to prevent any distortions. If you prefer to hang your clothing, turn your knitwear inside out so it doesn’t snag on other clothing. You should use plastic or foam hangers for best results.

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4. Make storage a priority. You should always ensure your knits are completely dry before storing. Damp knits may result in mildew and strange odours. Store knits for the next season with mothballs to prevent damage. Another good idea is to add a scented linen sachet with your knitwear to keep it smelling as good as it looks.

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