Here’s why you should try the Mythos Restaurant


I love experimenting with food from different countries. So, I was excited when I was invited to try authentic Greek cuisine at the recently opened Mythos Restaurant in Rosebank.

Here’s why you should try the Mythos Restaurant

The Vibe

On arrival, I was welcomed by a friendly waiter who ushered me in and helped me pick a table that enabled me to experience the outdoor ambience while seated inside. As I walked in, my eyes were drawn to blue and white woven chandeliers with tassels, crisp white walls and light wooden furniture with a touch of grey

Mythos Restaurant

I arrived at the restaurant around 1 pm on a weekday and there were people having business meetings, celebrating birthdays and lovers and friends catching up. Greek music played softly in the background and was turned up when the waitrons sang happy birthday to patrons celebrating their birthdays before giving them a cocktail with a sparkler. I felt that this was a heartfelt gesture.

The Menu

This restaurant prides itself in serving authentic Greek dishes. I enjoyed trying to pronounce the dishes in the menu that are mostly in Greek. I was glad that each dish had an explanation in English, and the waiters were well-informed about the right way to pronounce the words, and how the meal is prepared. The menu has a variety of meals ranging from salsa salads, dips, various meat dishes as well as vegetarian and kiddies’ dishes.

For starters, I had fresh pita bread with tzatziki sauce, hummus and taramasalata dip. The hummus was the best I have ever tasted because all the ingredients were evenly balanced. After a filling starter, I had a delicious meat platter and enjoyed tasting the different flavours.

I also had Santorini halloumi and cheese croquettes on the side. I loved that the Santorini halloumi had a sesame crust with a drizzle of honey, it was so tasty.  The portions are large and this platter can be shared with three people.


I enjoyed dipping my meat in all the different dips because it made each bite unique and interesting.

I have a sweet tooth, and I was happy when I was served a big slice of cheesecake and loukoumades which is greek doughnuts with honey, pecan nuts and cinnamon. When I took a bite into my doughnut, honey oozed out of it and melted in my mouth. It was such a treat for my taste buds.

I also highly recommend their potent long island iced tea cocktail that had me buzzing after one drink.

Overall Experience

There were moments when I felt like I was on an island in Greece because I was surrounded by Greek-inspired décor, music and food. The service was excellent and the waiters were friendly and warm. I will definitely be returning now that I have discovered that Greek food is very delicious.

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