Hello Africa Travel co-founder Gugu Kheswa uncovers hidden gems

Gugu Kheswa Hello Africa Travel co-founder

Gugu Kheswa the co-founder of Hello Africa Travel chats to us about her travel company that is dedicated to helping people uncover Africa’s hidden gems.

By Fundiswa Nkwanyana

We curate exciting travel experiences in Africa. Travelling within our beautiful continent can be tricky and this is why we offer a travel booking service for unique travel expeditions like adventures, festivals, and retreats. Our team consists of experienced African travellers who are knowledgeable about must-see-sights that many people don’t know about.

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Our objectives are to encourage people to travel within the continent.  People are sceptical about discovering what Africa has to offer because of misinformation and preconceived ideas of what it means to travel in Africa. We are here to change the narrative by creating itineraries that showcase our beautiful continent in a positive light. Our travel packages support small businesses and offer an authentic African travel experience.

Getting this business up and running was not easy. My business partner Trevor Chomumwe and I used our savings to get started. We initially struggled to turn our business idea into a profitable one however; becoming members of the J&B Hive creative business incubator really helped us. When we face challenges, we ask for advice from experienced people in the industry for help and this continues to help us grow.

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I’m excited that people are responding positively to our business.  I love that with our travel packages, we are finally telling our own stories about continent. I’m passionate about using travel to help grow the economy and to showcase our beautiful continent.