Happy Birthday Beyoncé


Born on 4 September 1981, Queen B turns 33 today. We celebrate her with this #Tbt


Young B

Beyonce Knowles

1988 when afros were fading and braids were a fresh hit was the year the cute 7-year-old Beyoncé had black braids with waves.

Copy her look: Use a hot water boil hair extension on your braids to allow you to curl and style them instead of having them straight throughout. Divide your braids into four sections on the head, plait into ponytails and dip in boiling water. Dry with a towel and leave for 30 minutes before undoing the ponytails. For a speedy dry, use a hand dryer, then style your curly braids as you please.

Beyoncé, the trendsetter


2014 was the evolution for her music and hairstyles. Beyoncé went from her usual blonde weaves to the old school cornrows. Choose a hair extension that matches your natural hair colour and plait into cornrows.

Copy her look: Begin your cornrows from behind the ear and work your way to the other side of your head. The longer your loose braids are from the end of the cornrows the more options you have to style your hair for different occasions

Our favourite Beyoncé moments

Beyoncé, the Wife



Beyoncé, the mother


Beyoncé, the sister


Beyoncé… The queen of EVERYTHING