Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow


Leanne Forster, co-founder of Style Diva shares a few hair tips and tricks on ombre and lace wigs.

Ombre Hair


What are the dos and don’ts of having ombre hair?

Do: Ombre always looks better on straight hair or hair that goes from straight to wavy.

Ombre tends to get lost on very curly hair.

Do: Short hair is not the best for ombre hair so best trend is to do it on hair that is shoulder length or longer.

Don’t: Ombre is supposed to be a natural look so avoid anything that contrasts in colour too much like going from very black to very blonde.
How does one choose the colour of an ombre hair extension?
Always select the base colour to be closest to your natural hair colour and the colour that best enhances your skin tone. It is best to always start with the darker colour closest to the root of the hair and then blending down to a lighter colour.

Celebs have moved from blonde and (their normal colour)ombre hair colour. What are the colours to try out this season?

Ombre is still very in but as far as colours go the hottest colour at the moment is red/black and Hot red (Rihanna’s red).

Blonde hair isn’t seen as a hairstyle for Caucasian people alone. What are the does and don’t of blonde hair and how does one choose the correct blonde to suit their skin colour?

Blonde can make skin look yellow and dull so it’s important to select the correct blonde to suit your complexion. It would be best to try a few colours on and with the help of a hair specialist select a shade that best enhances your complexion and doesn’t drain it. Honey blonde is a common blonde on caramel skin.

Lace front wigs


How does one care for a lace front wig?

  • Do not sleep with your lace wig on as this causes the hair to tangle.
  • If you really insist on sleeping with the wig on, sleeping with a satin head scarf on will help to protect the hair.
  • Use a tiny amount of Silicone serum once a week.
  • Use a wide tooth comb to brush the hair.

What is the difference between a lace front and a full lace?


A lace front wig is where there is a lace piece on the forehead edge part of the wig. The lace gets cut around the forehead and gives a very natural hairline to the wig as gets blended in with the natural hair.
A full lace wig is where the entire wig cap is made from lace. This enables you to wear the wig in an up do, like a pony tail or a bun, as it would give a natural hairline around the base of the neck as well as the forehead.