Hair tips from celeb hairstylist!


We tend to stress about maintaining healthy hair when winter kicks in. The air in winter is not as moist as in summer, which means we need to add or change our hair products and routine. Celebrity hairstylist, Jawad Maphoto, offers some tips on how to care for your hair during winter, no matter what the style.


Natural hair is kinky and has a tight curl that breaks easily when neglected. Here’s how you can keep your ‘fro rich and healthy:

• Wash your hair at least once a week to prevent product build up.
• Use a leave-in conditioner to help strengthen the hair and to keep it moist.
• Always apply heat protective products before blow-drying it.
• Plait your hair into multiple ponytails at night to help stretch it and give it volume when styling in the morning.

Relaxing your hair makes it easier to style and gives your hair length. Care for your relaxed hair by:

• Getting a nourishing treatment every two weeks to help strengthen and grow your hair.
• Apply hair oils such as Moroccan or Marula oil two days before you relax your hair to moisturise your scalp.
• Trimming your split ends every eight weeks will shape your ends and prevent future split ends.
• Apply a leave-in conditioner before going to bed, to make styling easier in the morning.

Hair extensions have been a big trend and have evolved from a simple braid to weave and wigs. Take care of your extensions without neglecting your own hair:

• Wait 15 days after relaxing your hair before putting on hair extensions.
• Wash your hair with an oil based shampoo to help nourish the scalp underneath.
• Do not keep your hair extensions on for longer than six weeks as this will break your hair.
• Avoid pulling your hair tightly as this will pull your hair out from the roots.

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