The celebrity guide to being a yummy mummy

yummy mummy
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Losing weight after having a baby could take months and even years but with the right attitude and fitness routine, you can achieve your weight-loss goals. Celebrity moms like Takkies and Unathi are fitness junkies of note but they know there is more to being a ‘yummy mummy’ than strenuous workouts. Sometimes you just have to take it one day at a time.

The celebrity guide to being a yummy mummy

Don’t sleep on yourself

Nkateko ‘Takkies’ Maswanganye has one of the hottest bodies we have ever seen. The mom-of-one regularly works out and started a dance fitness class to help women lose weight in a fun way. She might be a fitness junkie, but Takkies is not about crash diets and women putting too much pressure on themselves after giving birth.

“Don’t sleep on yourself! Love that beautiful body and take care of it inside and out,” she captioned this video on Instagram.

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Workout with friends

Unathi is all about that boot camp life. The media personality has been helping women create #ABatterU by encouraging them to join group workouts like boot camps.

It’s easy to give up when you train alone but when you have other sisters encouraging you along the way your chances of sticking to your fitness routine increase.

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Take it easy

The battle to lose the bulge after a pregnancy can cause some moms to start a hectic workout routine that they are not ready for. When they crash and burn, they get demotivated and easily give up. Take it easy on days when you are feeling like you have zero energy by doing light exercises like Zuraida Jardine.

“Tired AF this afternoon as my energy levels dip due to adrenal fatigue. But I’m showing up for myself with a light workout in the gym followed by a walk in the park,” she wrote on Instagram.

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Love the body you currently have

Reality star Lexi Van recently got real about her postpartum body. “New moms. I’m three weeks postpartum, and the way my body has changed has really affected me… Moms, be ready to be emotionally strong to accept the hectic changes that come with motherhood,” she told her Instagram followers. Lexi added that she is not putting too much pressure on herself and is instead focusing on being the best mom she can be.

“It’s going to take a while for me to get back to my flat tummy and fitness routine… today I’m just feeling really emotional, everything affects me, and it catches me off guard but for now, I’ll try and enjoy every second with my boy.”

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