How Gugu Zinhle Masango overcame domestic violence

Gugu Zinhle Masango

Online coach and fitness mom Gugu Zinhle Masango shares how she turned her pain into joy. By Bridgette Matjuda
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The year 2013 was one of the best for Gugu… or so she thought. And, who could blame her? She got engaged to the love of her life, he paid lobola and she fell pregnant.

But, it wasn’t long till Gugu’s fairy-tale life turned into a nightmare. Her fiancé started abusing her violently when their son was only six months old. Disagreements would get heated quickly and, in most cases, end with Gugu battered, bruised and bleeding. Neighbours and the police would get involved to no avail. Things took a turn for the worst when Gugu’s fiancé locked her up in their apartment, took their son and her car, and left. Though her parents intervened and tried to help them work through their troubles, fate had other plans.

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In August 2014, Gugu moved back with her parents. Later, her fiancé also moved in with her in the backroom at her parents’ home. Again, arguments started and they turned violent – Gugu was beaten up and her phone smashed. And each time, Gugu’s parents went to her rescue after hearing screams, her fiancé would claim that she had fallen by accident.

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Eventually, Gugu chose to take her power back by ending the relationship for good. She started going to the gym in order to be in a position to defend herself should another man attempt to lay a hand on her. ”Even though it was my way of training to bulk up and fight back, today I’m making money from it and my business is growing,” she says. Gugu says she has worked through her past and is glad about what happened because she wouldn’t be who she is if it hadn’t. She says she is now wiser and stronger, and she’s looking forward to falling in love again.

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She shares her pearls of wisdom to assist other women who might find themselves in a similar situation:

1. If it happens once, it’s going to happen again, so it is wise to leave.
2. You are more than a punching bag; don’t allow or endure it!
3. Make sure that you are financially stable, so that your lack will not force you to stay in an abusive relationship.
4. Faith and belief in God can be a great help to overcome the situation.

If you’re in a similar situation and would like to reach out to Gugu for a heart-to-heart chat while working it out in the gym, email her on [email protected] Follow her on social media and be inspired by her transformation – Facebook: Gugu Zinhle Masango and Instagram: @zee_fitnessjunkie