How to have great sex while living in a shared space

How to have great sex while living in a shared space

Some people don’t have the luxury of space. They share their homes with their parents, children, nannies and extended family members. The good news is that this scenario does not have to signal the end of a satisfying and spicy sex life.

By Zukiswa Dlamini

Couple’s counsellor Irene Jones says the answer to keeping things steamy lies in creativity.

1. Be Adventurous. Only boring people think that the bedroom is the only place to have sex. When you have a full house, think of new and interesting places to indulge. Sneak into a secluded area outside for a quickie or in the car at night. The idea is to think out of the box.

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2. Talk to your siblings. Depending on who you live with, it might be worth it to have an honest conversation about needing some space. If you live with your adult siblings suggest a weekend to yourself with your partner.

3. Respect your parents. With older people, wait for them to go to sleep. Even though great sex is a priority, it cannot be more important than being respectful towards the people you live with.

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4. Be mindful of your children. When the nanny plays with the kids outside, send your partner a sexy text suggesting a quickie before they come back into the house. Try make some room for your sex life because if you don’t, your whole life will revolve around your children.  Lock the doors, make time to talk to each other about other things outside of the children and enjoying each other’s company.