Great company, inspiring dishes


Looking for the perfect way to spend your Thursday night and carve some well-deserved me-time out of your busy schedule. Come Dine With Me South Africa is back on our screens with more drama, secret scoring and hilarious commentary as four complete strangers gather to host the best dinner party, all in a bid to walk away with the a R10 000 prize. Sit back while you enjoy endless laughter, scandal, great entertainment and cooking tips sure to have you trending at #1 in your kitchen – SA reality cooking has never looked so good! Spend time in the company of some highly entertaining diverse people from around South Africa, join them in their cooking adventures (and misadventures). Get your hands on the mouth-watering recipes and try them out at your next dinner party!

Run-up to the finale 

With the final episodes in the series coming up, brace your for escalating drama and temptingly tasty dishes that take main stage as interesting contestants battle it out for the R10 000 prize in each episode.

Episode 10, airing on 19 April, takes place in the Wild West of Jo’burg. Pitted against each other for the prize money, are swoon-worthy rugby player Martin, vegetarian fitness-freak Nadine, metrosexual playboy Kevin and banker-turned-mom Lucia. Tempt your taste buds with chorizo risotto, chilli chocolate brownies, barley cakes and blesbok carpaccio. Witness these four charismatic strangers battle out for the prize while trying to host the best dinner party.

In episode 11, airing on 26 April, we meet four new, fabulous and quirky hosts who will each jump at the opportunity to whip up their favourite dishes – flight centre agent Andrew, cat lady and medical technologist Soletha, trader of millions Harold, and banker and mom Caileen. Their culinary skills (or lack thereof) will keep you glued to your screen along with the all the drama that comes with putting four total strangers together in one room.

Don’t miss the dramatic finale! 

In the long-awaited finale of Come Dine With Me, Season 4, watch the drama unfold as Siphosihle, Zak, Ed, and Tumelo battle it out to win the coveted cash prize.

On the first night Siphosihle, a help-desk supervisor, hopes to stun her guests with a menu of smoked salmon terrine and homemade pumpkin rolls for starters, pork belly for the main meal (with a side of pumpkin) and a dessert involving champagne jelly. But, with a hair on a fork and a guest who absolutely hates pumpkin, the only guarantee is that there will be drama.

Tech store manager, Zakariya, is up next. His menu is quite simple (as the other guests point out) – mussels in white wine and garlic sauce for starters, wood-fired picanha with butternut for mains and a Simple Manhattan (butter cheesecake) for dessert. But with a night full of pranks, will Zakariya be a gracious host or will drama hit the fan?

Night three is food blogger Ed’s time in the limelight. With his career at stake, Ed needs to impress with a menu of a cold mint cucumber soup with prawn salsa for starters, pan fried salmon with a honey glaze for the main course and a chocolate mousse with berries for a scrumptious dessert. Will his experience as a blogger do him or justice or is it a case of those who can’t do… blog? And can he take the criticism that he so easily dishes out?

On the final night in the series we say hello to diva Tumelo. Will her menu of a sushi salad with garlic prawns for starters, oxtail ready to ‘fall off the bone’ for mains and a dessert called ‘Death by Chocolate’ put her in the winning seat?

Who will survive the week of spicy personalities and take home the R10 000 cash prize? Tune in to find out.

Catch Come Dine with Me South Africa on Thursdays at 8pm on DStv Channel 120 to indulge your senses and binge-watch your way to relaxation.

Make Thursday evening your me-time.