Goodbye to unwanted hair

unwanted hair

Unwanted facial hair whether facial or body can be difficult to get rid of. And with so many hair removal products and treatments on the market, knowing which one to use can be daunting.

Here 3 options to remove unwanted hair:

1. Shaving. This is the most preferred method because it’s quick, easy and painless. But, besides the fact that the results don’t last long, you may end up with cuts, ingrown hairs or razor bumps. So before you grab a razor, here are a few tips to help you:

  • Exfoliate first. This removes dead skin cells and additional toxins and gives you razor a cleaner slate to work from.
  • Change your razor regularly as re-using it can be ineffective. It may also trap bacteria that can cause skin irritation.
  • Don’t shave on dry skin as this makes you prone to nicks and cuts.

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2. Waxing. Hot wax is applied to the problem area, then removed in the opposite direction of their growth. It lasts for eight weeks and is best for underarms, bikini area, lips and chin.

3. Depilatory Cream. Hair removal creams contain chemicals that weaken the hair follicle. This enables you to wipe the hair off in 5-10 minutes. It lasts for three to six days and is best for underarms, bikini area and facial hair.

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4. Laser hair removal. One of the most effective and permanent way to remove hair, laser penetrates the skin to target the shaft and inhibit growth. After six to eight treatments, about 40%-90% of the hair won’t grow back. It’s long-lasting or permanent and needs to be maintained at least once a year. It’s best for any area of your body.

  • Don’t wax for at least four weeks before and after a treatment.
  • Lisa Leibov, a skincare expert and director at Imbalie Training Academy, says laser hair removal is cost-effective, pain-free and works for all skin types.