Fun Facts with Tumi Morake

Fun Facts with Tumi Morake

Comedienne Tumi Morake lets us in on her greatest indulgence, bucket list and her upcoming tour of Married But Not To Each Other. By Kwanele Mathebula

Image: Tumi Morake IG

1. The most interesting thing about me that you wouldn’t learn from my career alone is that I am a good soccer player.

2. The one thing that I miss about my childhood is playing with mud.

3. I deal with failure by considering it a lesson on how not to do things.

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4. The biggest lesson I’ve learnt about being married is that deal with your issues before they become someone else’s.

5. The advice I’d give someone who’s about to/considering getting married would be to marry their best friend.

6. Audiences keep returning to Married But Not To Each Other because of the quality in the comedy, the theme of the show and that they get to be a part of it through the Q and A session.

7. The thing that sets the show apart this time around is that we are more prepared for our audience interaction and our material has grown.

8. What I’m looking forward to the most on this tour is playing with new audiences.

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9. My bucket list includes a trip to the Maldives.

10. My ideal guest list for a dinner party includes my family, Ndumiso and his wife, Rami Chuene and Renate Stuurman.

11. My greatest indulgence is going on vacation.