Fun Facts with Ndumiso Lindi

Fun Facts with Ndumiso Lindi

Comedian Ndumiso Lindi tells what he misses about his childhood, the biggest lesson he’s learned about being married and his upcoming show, Married But Not To Each Other. By Kwanele Mathebula

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1. The most interesting thing about me that you wouldn’t learn from my career alone is that I do boxing training, and I’m enjoying it. Also, I design my own posters and artwork because I have a graphic design background.

2. The one thing that I miss about my childhood is the freedom of not paying for anything, but wanting everything. Adulting is difficult sometimes.

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3. I deal with failure by trying again, if it’s worth it. It’s like a joke that doesn’t work the first time you do it on stage, just go back and cook it up in your head till it’s funny.

4. The biggest lesson that I’ve learnt about being married is that don’t try to win an argument because you won’t be happy with the consequences.

5. The advice I’d give to someone who’s about to/considering getting married would be to make sure that you’re marrying your best friend and not motivated by the idea of being married.


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6. Audiences keep returning to Married But Not To Each Other because it’s different and fresh compared to a show with a general line-up. Ours is themed and focused on a topic that everyone relates with whether married, dating, divorced or single. You find a piece of yourself in this show that is topped with great laughter.

7. The thing that sets the show apart this time around is that the content has grown and matured like wine. The structure has gradually changed, and we’ve included a Q&A session with the audience which is always interesting and funny.

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8. What I’m looking forward to the most on this tour is meeting people, making them laugh and getting that instant feedback from them. And, seeing a couple that walked in not talking to each other, walk out hand in hand laughing is gratifying.

9. My bucket list includes travelling the world more, sharing the stage with other comedians from around the world and taking my wife with me because I promised her the world.

10. My ideal guest list for a dinner party would be Madiba, my dad, the Obamas, Oprah and Jay-Z.

11. My greatest indulgence is seeing an idea become a reality. This show was just an idea, and now we are touring the country, making South Africans laugh.