Free the breasts – breastfeed!


Scandal! actress and new mom Mapaseka Koetle tells us why she decided to breastfeed her baby and details her experience.

By: Kwanele Mathebula

Picture: Mapaseka Koetle IG

1. I decided that I was going to breastfeed while I was pregnant. I did my research, and my mom also told me that it was important.

2. I had preconceived ideas about breastfeeding. Before I became a mother, I was worried about how my breasts would look after breastfeeding. But, I’m not worried about that anymore.

3. I remember my first breastfeeding experience as if it was yesterday. A few minutes after giving birth, my midwife put my daughter on my chest. Her mouth automatically searched for my nipple, and I guided her. It’s such a wonderful experience that I will never forget. Feeling her soft skin made me realise God’s power.

4. Breastfeeding has taught me that having a baby is a huge responsibility. This person is totally dependent on me, and that has strengthened our bond. It has also taught me love; I love her and I know she loves me, too.

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5. At first I used to cover myself when breastfeeding in public. I used to think exposing my breast would make people around me uncomfortable. But, that feeling has completely disappeared. Now, I just whip out my breast and feed my baby. It’s sad that breastfeeding in public is taboo; people must just stop sexualising breasts! Our mothers used to breastfeed in public without any fear or shame, why can’t we do the same? The only way to normalise breastfeeding in public is for mothers to embrace it, and not be ashamed.

6. I recently posted a picture on social media of me breastfeeding. My husband took the picture to capture the moment. It’s not the first time I posted such a picture, but I want to continue inspiring young moms to breastfeed. They can also read my journey on my blog.

7. My advice to moms-to-be or new moms is to simply breastfeed. It’s worth it for both you and your baby. People have been asking me how I got my body back and my answer is breastfeeding. So, just do it!