Fragrance trends to try this winter

winter perfume trends

We give you the best fragrance trends to try this winter to help you experiment with different smells until you find your signature one that suits your personality.

By Grace Manjiu

With the weather becoming colder, the urge to switch up your fragrance also gets stronger. We’ve rounded up some of the season’s leading fragrance trends to make life easier for you:

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Fresh and green scents – The movement towards light or natural eco-friendly scents is growing massively. Perfumers are including ingredients such as mint, tea and other botanicals to get refreshingly greener fragrances.

Gourmand scents – This trend, which consists of synthetic edible notes, was big last year.  And, this year, it is still continuing with a more mature twist where Orientals mix with edible notes such as coffee, dark chocolate or ginger.

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Gender neutral – Gone are the days where perfume is gender-specific (his and hers). Now, it is for everyone. This trend focuses on how people choose and wear the scents they like, which is more about personality, minimalistic packaging and a smell that appeals to both genders.