Fikile Mbalula pokes fun at Kanye West


Fikile Mbalula is the latest famous figure to comment on Kanye West’s string of tweets.

The American celebrity has caused a stir ever since he returned to social media and Fikile Mbalula did not hold back on having his say:

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“We miss the old Comrade Kanye …”

He shared this caption with a picture of a youthful Kanye West and the responses ranged from those who debated Kanye’s credentials to those who felt as if we had lost the rapper forever.

The parallels between Kanye West’s tweeting strategy and that of Fikile Mbalula make the minister’s comments a little ironic.

Both men are larger-than-life individuals who rarely filter their thoughts before posting online.

Kanye West’s defence of controversial politician Donald Trump is not dissimilar to Mbalula’s unwavering loyalty to a former South African president, Jacob Zuma.

They are both known to launch scathing and critical Twitter rants, while Kanye’s seem to be delivered in the form of a monologue, Fikile’s rants are usually directed at an individual with whom he is fighting.

And while many people miss the old Kanye West, we miss the old Fikile Mbalula…
…the man who was determined to bring Beyoncé to South Africa and flew to the USA to watch massive boxing matches.

Regardless, it would be endlessly entertaining if these two ever decided to exchange words on the social media platform.

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