5 Mins With Masasa Mbangeni


Most of us where introduced to Masasa when she got her role on Scandal! as Thembeka. Masasa Mbangeni is an actress, theatre maker and director. She lets us in a bit about her role as Thembeka on etv’s Scandal!


You started on Scandal! four years ago, how has the journey been and how have you grown since?

Thembeka started as a graphic designer and now she is the Editor in chief! Thembeka has certainly grown and as an actress I too have grown. Being on television has been exciting in that I get to practically experience what I learnt in varsity. The practical application of theory is what I enjoy.

Other than Scandal, what else are you busy with?

I’m currently preparing to go into rehearsal with James Ngcobo for the Athol Fugard play, “Nongogo”. My heroines Nomhle Nkonyeni played this part so I’m looking forward to giving it a go. It also stars Fana Mokoena and Tony Kgoroge. It will show at the Soweto Theatre in September.



What is your relationship like with other cast members?

We have an amazing relationship. I feel like I’m in an incredible company. People with a genuine desire to tell stories to the best of their ability. Kagiso Modupe (Mangi) and Brighton Ngoma (Quinton) have become brothers to me.

Any similarities between Thembeka and Masasa?

I enjoy Thembeka. She’s very different to me and that’s why I enjoy going where she goes because I know Masasa would never do the stuff she does. I think people are often disappointed when they meet me and find I’m nothing like her. The only thing we share is a body!