DJ Zinhle talks Albany bread


Albany has recently announced their new relationship with DJ Zinhle. We catch up with her.

By: Keletso Modisakeng

1.What was your first reaction when Albany approached you?

I love bread, so I was excited. However, I suddenly started to worry about how a DJ and Albany would find synergy. But, when the concept and product were explained to me, it made sense because of the healthy lifestyle element.


2. What is your best childhood memory where you know you ate bread? (Your bread story)

We ate bread every morning as kids. We loved white bread, and were not fans of brown. So, the rule at home was that we had to mix the two; no one was allowed to eat just white bread.


3. How do you incorporate bread into your healthy lifestyle?

I am always on the go, so healthy sandwiches are a lifesaver for me.

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4. What is your favourite bread, and why?

I love Albany Low G.I. bread. I recently learnt about the benefits of eating this bread, and it has changed my life. I am always on the run and do not have time to sit down for a proper meal, so prepared sandwiches help. The bonus is that low GI bread keeps me fuller for longer.


5. What eating tips do you have for our readers?

Educate yourself about the food you eat. If you love bread, find a healthy choice.


6. How do you stay motivated to keep healthy?

I love feeling good, and hate it when my energies are low.Therefore, a healthy and active lifestyle keeps me going. I also love looking good, especially now that I am a mom. Being a mom is not an excuse; it should be motivation to look even better than before.


7. As a mother, what healthy habits have changed/do you want to change?

I drink more water than I did before because I am trying to teach my baby to do the same. I have also learnt to replace sweets with fruit because I do not want Kairo to eat too much sugar.

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