Different foundations to try


Here are 3 different foundations to explore.

Freshen up your foundation and get the look you desire by exploring with different textures and tools. By Grace Mantjiu

Here are 3 types of foundations to try:

1. Au Naturale. When you have flawless skin, you could get away with just mascara and glossy lips. But, you can maintain the natural look with minimal make-up. The trick is to apply foundation in areas where you need it most, then blending it to get an even tone.

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2. Satin Glow. Bronzers and illuminators offer a new way to add dimension to your face. This look is in-between matte and dewy, giving your skin a flawless quality. The secret to achieving this is using a flat brush for your foundation and skipping the powder.

3. Luminous dewy. Mix your foundation with a moisturiser or strobing cream to get this super-healthy glow. The dewy look adds a lot of moisture.