Did you know that crash diets may lead to hair loss?


Crash diets may lead to extra-ordinary hair loss, according to leading global hair scientist, Dr Adolf Klenk.

The German-based doctor is in SA right now to present his latest research on hair. He says hair loss affects about 50% of men and 40% of women and the main causes are genetics, stress and hormone imbalance.

Klenk says that some women chose extreme diets to lose weight quickly but these often had a negative effect on their hair and health adding that a lack of adequate nutrition due to strong reduction diets may lead to abnormal hair loss.

Crash dieting is losing weight really quickly in a short period of time. The popular ones include; The Cayenne Pepper Diet (made popular by Beyonce), The Master Cleanse Diet and The Grapefruit Crash Diet.

“Hair roots need lots of energy to grow efficiently. Reductionist diets lead to a low level of nutrients reaching the hair root. This, coupled with stress, may lead to brittle hair and premature hair loss,” said Klenk.

Klenk further explained that stress and hormonal changes in women during menopause may lead to lower estrogen levels and increased testosterone which may result in abnormal hair loss.