Delicious, satisfying foods that won’t wreck your diet


Feeling ‘hungry’ could actually mean a few different things… a lot of the time we’re actually just bored or thirsty… BUT, if you’ve had a big glass of water and are NOT bored, but you still feel like you need to eat, the next trick is to eat the right foods. You want something that’ll fill you up but not fill you out.

Here are 5 foods you should consider eating to sort out your hunger in a positive way:

1. Oats. Breakfast is IMPORTANT. Mostly because if you don’t eat something that fills you up early you’re much more likely to eat something naughty or just lose control of your calorie-intake later in the day when you start feeling really hungry.

2. Soup Eating soup may not always sound very appealing – like on a hot summer’s day! But a big bowl of soup is full of nutrients and low in calories. Plus the liquid fills up the empty space in your stomach so you feel full without taking in too many calories. Just don’t combine your hearty soup with five slices of toast or rolls! Stick to just eating the soup!

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3. Eggs. Another great way to start the day is with two or three eggs done however you prefer them. They are tasty, low in calories and packed with protein which keeps you feeling full for ages.

4. Fish. A grilled piece of fish is always a good idea when it comes to choosing a protein for a meal. It’s high in good fats and protein, and low in everything bad. Fish is also really tasty, and cheap if you get it from the right place – think harbour, not grocery store or deli (if you’re lucky enough to live near the ocean). The protein and fats in the fish will satisfy your hunger and keep you full for ages. Fish is also a great default healthy option when eating out.

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5. Salad. A big salad (without things like weird creamy dressings, bacon bits, and croutons) is always a great option when it comes to filling your tank. You’re getting a lot of fibre and nutrients for a small number of calories.

Salad is filling and it also requires more effort to eat than a burger (for example), so it’ll keep you occupied for longer, which may lead to you eating less and will lead to you feeling like you ate a substantial meal.

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