Connect With Your Inner Child


Often during our school years we’re taught the importance of learning and growing as a benefit to our adulthood. So we go from enjoying the pleasures of being a five-year-old straight to acknowledging the dilemmas we face as grown-ups. But perhaps we should take time to reach out to our inner child for a change.

The older we get the wiser we become, therefore making it harder for us to focus on small things. Rather, we spend our time focusing on our grown-up needs, includes paying our bills on time, being employed, and our family responsibilities. It’s normal, then, that we have little or no time at all to daydream a bit or be playful. Surely, it wouldn’t hurt to tap into our younger selves for a moment . Here are some reasons why finding the young you may be good for you.



Yes, you have better things to do than sit and daydream all day. But it won’t hurt to have a little imagination. When you were younger this came easily because your world was pretty much imaginary. Doing this when you’re older might be challenging, but once you tap into your inner child it’s very delightful to daydream.


Part of growing up is learning from our mistakes. So when connecting with your inner child it’s important that you look into the matters that affected you negatively so you can learn from them, therefore becoming better. Instead of being bitter and angry about the negative obstacles which affected you then, embrace them and turn them into a lesson you can learn from, helping you stay as youthful as ever.


Being an adult doesn’t mean you should not make time to play. If you’re a parent then play time is easier for you because you can join your kids. But if you can’t, it’s crucial for you to listen to your inner child. Learn to let go and have fun sometimes; be spontaneous, creative and enjoy life. This could help you live a stress-free life.


What you wanted to be at the age of five, as appose to who you are now may not be the same thing. If it is, kudos to you for following your dreams. However, for many of us life comes with change and redirection. Listening to your inner child may help you find the passion and drive you once had and may help you stay true to who you are.


Your inner child can be annoying so you need to learn to give yourself time to be an adult and know when it’s okay to bring out your inner child; learn to control it. But no matter what, never let your younger self go, keep the connection between you then…and now.