Celebs Who Lock It Down

Ciara drops smoking hot video for new song called Level Up

“Jata”, locks or dreads as they are known around the world, is twisted hair that locks itself into coils. From biblical men like Samson who had locks of strength to Rastafarians and the famous Marley family, dreadlocks have evolved into trendy hairstyles that will suit any personality.



The songstress shocked us when she went from long luscious weaves to tinted golden locks. How do you move from straight hair to long locks that didn’t take years to grow? The simple answer is that buying dreadlocks or using hair extensions is a growing trend in the dreadlock hair market and is a quick and easy way to get a new look.

Gerry Elsdon

gerry els

Our very own Gerry has always set the elegant mark and shows how neat, clean and ‘done up’ locks can be. No matter what the occasion, the TV presenter, MC and businesswoman has always trended with her locks. No matter what the length, locks can be maintained and kept neat.

Dianne Reeves


The award winning jazz giant has graced South African shores for the jazz festival and shown us how locks can be curled. To achieve this look, twist your locks into ‘bantu knots’ and leave overnight. If you don’t have enough time, apply a styling spray and blow dry. Untwist the locks then style your curly locks to suit the occasion.

Yvonne Chaka Chaka


Born 1965 and being the first black child to appear on TV, Yvonne Chaka Chaka is one of our countries legends. This Princess of Africa shows us how to “let your hair down”. The easiest and quickest hairstyle for someone with long hair is a ponytail, which is a stylish solution to a bad hair day. Keep the roots of your locks twisted for a neat look.

Latoya Mangezi


Singer, actress, presenter and daughter of the legendary Blondie, Latoya is one of the ladies to look for when in need of a hairstyle. Her locks have never restricted her and she feels they complete her image.

Billy Oceans


The British R&B performer shows us how style has no age limit. His silver locks have become part of his image and show his unique sense of style.