7 Celebrity vloggers you NEED to follow!

7 celebrity vloggers in South Africa that you should follow

Vlogging is changing the way we view and produce video content on the Internet and some of Mzansi’s biggest celebrities are at the heart of the movement

We’ve seen several stars launch YouTube channels in the past few years, and with the emergence of Instagram TV (IGTV) we have noticed a number of celebs migrate their content to the new platform.

Here are a few celebrity vloggers you can follow and an idea of the kind of content you can expect on each channel:

Pearl Thusi – IGTV

Pearl Thusi’s IGTV channel is still relatively fresh but it serves as a fun, lifestyle-themed portal into her life. Considering that she hasn’t made the move to reality TV, her IGTV channel is the closest we can get to following Pearl’s day-to-day life in video form.


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Euphonik – YouTube

Euphonik is a pretty big YouTuber and enjoys sharing well-produced content on his channel.

While most of the videos are about his music, sometimes he shares a few interesting stories – such as the story of how TholokuthiHey came about.

Moshe Ndiki – YouTube

Much like Caspar Lee, but a lot closer to home (literally) is Moshe Ndiki who rose to fame by making hilarious videos on social media.

He is now a recognised actor and comedian, but the content on his page is still there to be enjoyed.

Bonnie Mbuli – IGTV

While most people associate vlogging with fun, entertainment and lifestyle, it can also be informative and educational.

Bonnie Mbuli is using her IGTV channel to speak about mental health and offer constructive tips to those who might benefit.

Amanda du-Pont – YouTube

Amanda Du Pont kicked off the year 2018 with a brand new YouTube channel and you won’t be surprised to learn that she uses her platform to share fashion and beauty tips.

There are worse people to learn from, we’ll say that!

Pam Andrews – YouTube

Pam Andrews’ YouTube vlog is one of the most helpful resources for aspiring talent in South Africa.

It is filled with information about the film industry, including stories of Pam’s personal experiences.

Nadia Nakai – YouTube

Nadia Nakai’s YouTube channel (obviously) features all of her music; but beyond that, it also houses Bragga’s own reality doccie series – #BossingUpWithBragga.