Bonding with your baby


Many mothers are lucky to form an instantaneous bond with their baby when they are born. For some moms, it may take a while.

Pampers Institute and parenting expert Sister Lilian Paramor says it is important for a mom not to be hard on herself. She encourages moms to give themselves time to get to know the baby when they take the new role of motherhood. “What worked for your mom will not necessarily work for you,” she says.

By: Boitumelo Mmakou

Sister Lilian’s tips to bond with your baby:

1.Pay attention

When you pay attention to your baby, you’ll learn their communication skills. Through their cries and other body language, you can tell if there is something wrong, for example squirming and crying for nappy change or to be fed.  

2.Play, sing and talk

Babies are more perceptive than we realise. They recognise their mom’s voice as they grow; that familiar voice provides them with a sense of protection and familiarity.  

3.Create a flexible routine

Find a routine that suits you and your baby. For example, you can choose a particular bath time to cultivate your bond with the baby. If you are a working mom, set aside special time to spend with your baby.  

4.Skin to skin contact

Babies feel secure when they have skin-to-skin contact with their moms; they respond to the warmth of your touch, so make use of that.